Inspired by the scenic beauty and unique characteristics of the Santa Barbara wine country, Point & Line® is a collaboration of friends who realized a vision to produce site-specific wines of outstanding quality, taste and value.

Our label is inspired by the artist Wassily Kandinsky and his pioneering work Point and Line to Plane, a celebration of open space canvases and elemental truths of pure form. Our wines reflect these values and we hope they'll inspire you to explore, interact and reflect.

Who We Are

Who We Are

Point & Line® originated from a chance meeting of four wine professionals during a casual conversation about the Santa Barbara wine country. It soon evolved into a vision for a new brand that represents the intersection of our shared love and appreciation of wine and art.

Of course no quest succeeds without the generous help of others. Our process to make unique craft wine begins with fruit from prominent Santa Barbara vineyard sources – John Sebastiano in the cool and windswept Sta. Rita Hills; Jack McGinley and Vogelzang in Santa Ynez’s Happy Canyon, with abundant sun and ample degree days; and Sierra Madre and Gold Coast in the maritime-influenced and temperate Santa Maria Valley.